• 30 W guaranteed power
  • Advanced RTI Semiconductor laser modules (RSL) produce a perfect shaped beam profile for red & blue.
  • Coherent Taipan OPSL green
  • Maintenance free laser system
  • RSL & Coherent Taipan OPSL modules with no color misalignment
  • New advanced sealed optical section with no color misalignment
  • Complex graphics capable – 45 kpps@8° ILDA scanners – upgradable to 60kpps
  • Full-color mixing
  • Extremely sharp intense beams – low divergence
  • Multi-control mainboard for DMX, ArtNET, LAN, ILDA, ILDA streaming and stand-alone operation
  • Integrated Touch-Display for adjustment of basic functions
  • Integrated network switch for linking the control signal
  • FB4-QS MAX optional integration
  • 360° Bracket with quick-lock system
  • Rugged tour-grade compact housing
  • Laser Artists’ choice
  • Lighting Designers’ choice
  • Incl. waterproof flightcase

ShowNET mainboard as standard:

  • Various control options: ILDAProfessional DMX and ArtNET (two modes), LAN (computer control, integrated DAC), Stand-Alone OperationILDA Streaming ReceiverMaster-Slave
  • Create custom content, store it inside the laser and play it back in different modes
  • Free laser show control software included

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