Coemar Testa 2500 HTI/SE

Coemar Testa 2500 Followspot 2500W

lamp Osram 2500 HTI/SE
base G22
lamp lfe 600 hours
luminous flux 240.000 lm
colour temperature 6000K
zoom from 7?° to 13,5?°
focusing manual focusing
movement steel yoke adjustable by +/+ 45?° on fixture’s axis
pan and tilt movement yoke with fully adjustable clutch system
typical throw distance 6 – 70 mt.
colour changer 4 colours colour changer can be added
iris – shutter blades iris diaphragm with steel plates, heat refractory
4 adjustable shutter blades
lamp supply external ballast
stand-by switch (power at 50%)
mains supply 200/208-230-240V AC 50/60Hz
weight 41,3 Kg.


@ 2017 Bản quyền thuộc về NTH